Company Profile

“Working for the BEST – Clients, Solutions, Team, Life”

Our Vision:

We understand the entrepreneurial spirit and want to provide the best partnership between our company and the small businesses and non-profits we serve with passion and integrity. When we support our clients doing what they love we earn their trust and they value their accounting team; this makes the work easier for everyone involved.

The Company:

Idaho Accounting Services is a dynamic, growing, cloud-based firm centered in a Northwest Boise home-office. We are facilitating our growth by maintaining and growing a positive and talented work team, increasing our internal processes and procedures and vetting our clients carefully. Our more than 100 active clients have been selected carefully to fit with our ethics and vision. We like choosing who we work with and are looking for awesome team members to perform managerial accounting with QuickBooks Online and contribute to the success of our company and its clients.

The Work:

Our website lists the services we provide more comprehensively. Typically, these services range from basic maintenance on bank accounts for small, independent service providers to multi- company entities that need complicated journal entries, payrolls, AR/AP, reports and/or CFO- consulting. We use outside payroll software like Paychex and ADP for our clients and staff work closely with both provider reps and the client. We maintain all reports and documents and set up state payroll tax accounts for the clients. State sales tax account set-up and filing experience is needed for some clients. We work closely with clients’ tax accountants to have financials for quarterly tax payments, distributions and year-end accurately prepared. Monitoring accounts, providing guidance and helping clients solve issues that come up daily is part of the work that defines us as a reliable partner.


Our staff love our clientele and the work-life balance made possible by IAS. ‘Flexibility’ and ‘work-life balance’ are sited in a recent survey as the top reasons staff love working here. Another top reason is our CEO Kelly Richmond, who is considered very understanding, adaptive and hands on by current employees. Single-handedly established by Kelly, IAS has grown to include 11 additional employees who average 25-40 hours per week. Our staff are friendly, respectful and supportive and all demonstrate steady and positive demeaners. Most of our staff work remotely from their homes. The majority live in the Boise (ID) area, but some employees reside in Washington and California. Those close by may work in the open- room office, from home, or hybrid. We hire a range of skill levels from bookkeepers to senior accountants. IAS prides itself on inclusivity and there is no tolerance for discrimination or harassment amongst coworkers or clients. At IAS, the level of commitment from the owner to the staff and the staff for this business and each other is high. We distribute clients to our staff members, making sure they are a good fit for each staff member’s skill level and personality. We expect our stronger accountants to help mentor the less-experienced staff and new hires. This mentorship builds camaraderie and support. On larger clients we assign a Lead and a Second Accountant so that clients receive uninterrupted coverage, work can be divided, and staff members have more flexibility with their personal time. Brainstorming with like-minded co-workers makes the work feel less like work and more like puzzles we all get to solve. Staff can be asked to research a topic and share training tips with everyone. You can review our existing staff members on our website to see the diversity and coverage we provide.


Idaho Accounting Services has no shortage of clients who want to come on board. With the current economic climate, it is financially and logistically difficult for them to maintain part- time accounting support. Our mission is to develop and foster mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients while maintaining a high level of integrity and trust within our field. Our clients know we are here for them and their appreciation is often expressed to our staff. Most of the clients are based in Idaho but some have branches or employees in other states. Kelly has built a large client base and IAS gets many referrals from the CPA firms she networks with. The variety keeps the work more interesting and includes art galleries, retailers, artists, recruiters, lawyers, real estate, associations, consultants, service providers, food service and


IAS is based on QuickBooks Online which has a much different feel than the desktop version. Employees are required to take the ProAdvisor certification test if they haven’t already been certified. The project management software ClickUp, is used for every client and for internal projects and meetings. Everyone is expected to become certified and proficient. All staff members need to be comfortable with technology including Google Suite and Excel and willing to learn new tricks of the trade. All staff are at times expected to do tasks beneath their abilities as well as learn and advance in knowledge.

All staff are expected to have the following traits:

  • Passion for small business: either work or personal experience that demonstrates this
  • Self-motivation: beyond initial training and mentorship you need to be in control of
    tasks staying efficient and busy
  • Detail-oriented: work is completed accurately; cross referencing and double checking
    should be second nature
  • Flexible: the planned schedule always fluctuates as new pressing issues arise from
    clients so being adaptable and understanding helps progress
  • Diligent: deep audits and unraveling a new client’s books are common occurrences;
    being a bull-dog to solve the puzzle and get resolution is something that you want to dig
  • Patience: entrepreneurs are rarely accountants; explaining common accounting
    concepts at their level or finding another method to pull answers from them require a
    multitude of traits
  • Ability to listen and address the client’s needs: assess possible solutions and implement
    the best solution for everyone without jeopardizing integrity.
  • Discernment: know when something doesn’t look right or feels questionable; know
    when to ask for help; know how to prioritize
  • Resiliently pleasant: put forth your positivity, laughter and sincerity and realize that we
    are all “Working for the BEST – Clients, Solutions, Team, Life” at IAS

If this resonates with you and sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, please submit your resume to information@idahoaccountingservices.com. We will then schedule an initial screening with Q&A so that we can learn more about what you could bring to the team and we can help you understand what this opportunity would look like for you.

Thank you for your interest in Idaho Accounting Services,
Kelly Richmond, Owner & CEO